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Monday, January 23, 2012

My 2012 Bucket List

  1. Have a job that travels
  2. Fall in love, again
  3. Tell him how I feel
  4. Go to Fiji
  5. Have a surprise party thrown for me
  6. Own a polaroid camera
  7. Spend new years eve in Times Square
  8. Go to Greece
  9. Go to Rome
  10. Ride a vespa
  11. Have someone write and sing a song about me
  12. Become a personal chef
  13. Witness a wedding proposal
  14. Become a wedding planner
  15. Attach a lock to a love bridge
  16. Be married to the same person for over 50 years
  17. See a broadway play
  18. Learn origami
  19. Bake in the middle of the night with someone I love
  20. Fly
  21. Have a romantic night picnic
  22. Go on a carnival date
  23. Get lost in Tokyo
  24. Go on a midnight stroll in Paris
  25. Go on a road trip from New York to California
  26. Be a good parent
  27. Have twins