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Tuesday, July 17, 2012


if i were to go back in time and have to re-live my life, there are two things i would have done.  first is i would choose "wolverine" instead of "alpha".  maybe i'd be living now the life i've been dreaming of lately - a family of my own in the land down under, safe and secure with him.  second is i would pursue my degree as my career.  then i would still be in the IT world but not as a buyer or an account manager, but as a developer or a systems analyst.  or siguro kahit yung number 1 lang magawa ko e masaya na ko.  okay na ko.  

tama nga talaga.  your choices at the present define your future.  and if only i'd chosen so well.  well, maybe i'll just have to accept the present as it is and take comfort in the fact that there's really a reason for everything.  i just hope and pray to God that where i am now is still the path He wants me to take.  i'm taking comfort in the fact that as a child of God, He will never let me go astray, that wherever this road is going or however this road will end, it will still lead me to His perfect plan.

but in spite of all that, still i can't help but to wonder what life would have been like had i done things differently.  i had let go of someone so special...the one whom anybody could refer to as "the one that got away."  yeah, he could have been the one.

now i'm faced squarely with the reality that whatever happens to your life, be it good or bad, is because of the choices we made.  we can never, EVER, point a finger to anyone or anything, even fate, but our own selves.  fate just throws us options but it is still us who decide.

now i just pray to God that He give me wisdom in decision-making...'coz obviously, it's not just a low score i get to get in that subject, but a failed grade. :(